About Us

We have been involved in the public company sector for 25 years. Our team has a solid background in bookkeeping, corporate compliance and corporate secretarial services. We have a wealth of experience in the management of both public and private companies that we want to pass on to you.

Through our years of working in this industry, we have experienced companies in various states of disarray, where corporate record keeping is left by the wayside and bookkeeping is a mass of receipts and loose paper. We have also seen high legal and accounting bills when many of the services could be handled in house.

We recognize a need for a harmonized system of management, where all of the company's corporate and accounting needs are handled by one group. We offer:

  • a reduction of professional fees by utilizing our experience in bookkeeping, corporate compliance and secretarial services;
  • a more organized system of records, reducing errors and omissions and offering a clean set of records for any necessary due diligence and audit review;
  • more time for you to grow your company while we handle the day to day management.

We do not seek to replace a company's legal counsel or auditors. We do not provide legal advice. We provide companies with a means to meet regulatory requirements while saving money.

We offer a range of services from filing of documents on SEDAR to preparing financial statements and management discussion & analysis to completing all regulatory requirements on a monthly and annual basis.

Take advantage of our prepackaged pricing or choose one of our a la carte services.